At Fabienne Egger Events & Wedding Flowers you will have a personal floral designer consultant helping you to  achieve your dream floral design come alive.

Wedding & Event Flowers ​​Consultation Process

Your dedicated floral designer will have an initial consultation about your goals for the event, the feel, the atmosphere, what is important to you, how you want your guests to experience it etc.
At this point your consultant will be able to make some initial suggestions for props, the floral vocabulary to refine your thought process and may arrange a site visit.
A proposal will be drawn up including a mood board, visual references for the colour palette and floral design addressing important details such as positioning, lighting etc.
Once you give the go ahead, we take care of everything and keep you updated all the way leading up to the event, so you don't have to worry about flowers, but just admire them on the day. 
After the event, if you don't want to keep your flowers, we can donate them to a charity for you so they won't be wasted.
For an initial free consultation please contact us on 07702464208​​